Using the Falcon SQL Editor to Generate Dashboards in Plotly

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Using the Falcon SQL Editor to Generate Dashboards in Plotly


Unread postby Eli 1 month ago

Today we're excited to unveil Falcon, a free and open-source SQL client for Mac and Windows. This Wednesday, November 15, we'll be hosting a free webinar at 2:00 PM EST on how to install Falcon, run SQL queries, and build dashboards with the resulting data.

Register for the SQL / Plotly webinar here

Falcon ships with all of the features you'd expect from a modern SQL editor: Query autocomplete, schema previews, and compatibility with today's popular SQL databases, including MySQL, RedShift, IBM DB2, and PostgreSQL. Written in Node, built with Electron, and open-source on GitHub, Falcon will be constantly improving and evolving through 2018.

In addition to its SQL editor, Falcon features drag-and-drop data visualization. You can run SQL queries, explore the data visually, then export the charts to Plotly cloud or files on your desktop.

Plotly has provided millions of R and Python users convenient, open-source access to D3 visualization and dashboards. We're excited to take the next step by bringing the same modern, online data visualization to SQL users everywhere.

From Jack, Plotly CEO.


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