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Postdoctoral Fellowship in Data Science at AIMS South Africa

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Postdoctoral Fellowship in Data Science at AIMS South Africa


Unread postby Eli 2 weeks ago

Applications are invited for the DAAD funded postdoctoral fellowship in Mathematics at AIMS South Africa under the supervision of Dr Bubacarr Bah, the German Research Chair for Data Science, see details here. The research area will be Data Science in a very broad sense. Applications will be submitted through the DAAD portal found here.

In recognition of the higher cost of living in South Africa compared to other Sub-saharan African countries, the salary offered by DAAD will be topped-up by AIMS South Africa and the amount of top-up will be negotiated with the candidate. Furthermore, the candidate will be provided with a laptop and he/she will have the opportunity to spend time in Germany working with Dr. Bah’s collaborators.

Closing date for applications: 15 January 2018

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