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International Directory of Mathematics Educators


Unread postby Robot 1 month ago

This topic is about the International Directory of Mathematics Educators,, whose purpose is to help mathematics educators keep in touch world wide and for them to know who are working in various countries.

We warmly invite people who are not yet on the list to enter, and for those on the list to encourage their colleagues to join us, so the Directory can expand and serve a wider audience internationally. Please suggest to your local and international contacts that they send in their entries, whether or not their country is represented yet, we can easily add new countries.

How do names get in the Directory? In general names are not solicited or nominated. Every entry is made only by the individual concerned, and on a voluntary basis. The Directory is OPEN in the sense that there are no strict criteria or requirements for entry, other than an interest and/or involvement in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

The standard format for inclusion in the Directory consists of the following items, all in one continuous line, separated by commas and spaces:

Surname or family name, given name(s), email address, postal address, telephone number(s), (and URL(s) if you wish).

Please follow the existing entries precisely in formatting: font Times New Roman, size 12pt.

I look forward to hearing from new and old members of the Directory.

From Dr. Alan Rogerson
International Coordinator of the Mathematics Education for the Future Project

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